Before UNCHARTED was a major release from Sony Pictures, it was a much beloved video game franchise. When two of the game’s biggest fans – Vendetta’s Creative Director Jesse Wheeler and Vendetta Agency director Allan Ungar – teamed up to make a secret fan film, they knew gamers across the globe would be thrilled to see the lead played by the original inspiration for the game’s hero – Nathan Fillion (THE ROOKIE, CASTLE, FIREFLY), but even they were shocked with the amount of love the film received.

Pulling in a million views in its first day and more than 11 million total, news outlets took notice with THE VERGE calling it “film’s only good video game adaptation” and BUZZFEED, THE WRAP, KOTAKU, and the original game’s creators all praising the 15-minute short and Ungar’s direction. Fans agreed, giving the YouTube release 99% likes and more than 40,000 overwhelmingly positive comments.

The film also stars Stephen Lang (AVATAR, DON’T BREATHE), Geno Segers (BANSHEE, PERFECT HARMONY), Mircea Monroe (EPISODES, HART OF DIXIE), and Ernie Reyes, Jr. (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, THE RUNDOWN).