Virtual production. The Unreal Engine. Web3. The Metaverse.

The content landscape is shifting continuously. New visual effect technologies are providing more realistic results but at the cost of increased complexity.

Within that complexity lies opportunity.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer high-end creative and technological solutions thanks to experienced world builders like Vendetta director Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull. HaZ is one of those rare artists with deep knowledge of the underlying technology. When he isn’t spreading the gospel of new tech to panels around the world, HaZ is crafting stories and visuals for top brands and new players in this emerging space.

So when XManna needed an aspirational video to showcase the possibilities of their sports and gaming focused Metaverse platform, they turned to HaZ.

Utilizing a proprietary pipeline of his own design, HaZ incorporated some of the coolest tech available today – motion capture (body, hand, and face), realtime links to the Unreal engine, character creation, and more – to bring to life a world that does not yet exist.

At Vendetta, we love playing with new toys, and we’re proud to work with visionaries who make the impossible possible for our clients.