New client. New country. A global pandemic. 4 days till production.

No problem.

When talent schedules conflicted with production for the social media campaign for the Lionsgate+ new narco-drama MALAYERBA, The Vendetta Agency stepped in to handle the extremely-last-minute shoot.

It was Thursday. The shoot would be Tuesday. In Colombia. At the height of the Pandemic with vaccines still months away.

There was no director. That was priority one. We presented Bogotá-based Vendetta Agency director Salomon Simhon, a talented visual-stylist experienced at working with high-level talent in English and Spanish. This would not be the last time this client chose to work with Salomon.

There were no scripts. Priority two. Our writers not only built scripts around action and dialogue, but also presented multiple scenarios depending on how the still-moving pieces of the developing production ultimately landed. Once key pieces and locations were locked, the production simply selected the version of the script that fit best.

Utilizing South American contacts built over our team’s years of production experience, we were able to pull the production together, send personnel from Los Angeles to Colombia, set up a remote video feed so that we – as well as the client – could monitor and provide real-time feedback, and shot all concepts requested without needing additional days.